Computer Lab

  • The twenty first century, as it draws to a close, has forced people to the inescapable conclusion that the computer software is the driving force in the operation of governments, business, education and military. Most business in the industrialized and the developing world could not compete and many could not survive without computers and the software. Software, is gradually becoming a daily part of the lives of individuals, be it involve management, commerce, industry, bank or research and development organizations. Apart from the conventional areas of applications, the computer technology has started invading area such as process industries, bio-electronics, fashion technology, and multimedia technology, entertainment, computer vision, natural processing etc. In fact the areas of application of the computer technology is limited only by human imagination.

    India, with the large technology base that it has and the, liberalized economy, is amply suited to fully exploit the vast potentials of the Information technology. However to realize this, a vast trained manpower is required, which can be prepared best in the formal education sector.
  • The College has two techno-Savvy computer laboratories :- Computer Lab. A and Computer Lab. B , equipped with about latest Pentium IV machines. The students are taught computer science by well equipped and trained computer faculty .